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Brandler Galleries is a pleasure to do business with
John has shown his expertise and service oriented mindset in a purchase I did recently. The collection he has is solid, the art piece I ordered with him was delivered quickly and in mint condition. I will certainly do business with him again in the future.
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Rob Weerts Utrecht - 19th September 2016
I have only recently come into contact with Brandler Galleries, However its clear to me that John uses foresight rather than hindsight to predict what to buy as an investment.
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heath London - 7th April 2016
Friendly and approachable gallery
I have visited the gallery several times, to look around and appreciate the art. I have always been made to feel welcome, even though I have not made a purchase, and have had the benefit of talking to John Brandler as he has always been in the shop when I have popped in. Last week I went in search of inspiration for a birthday gift- I had a very modest budget, of under £50, but found the perfect illustration from a book. I was treated with the same courtesy as if I had spent £1000. Do not feel you have to have huge budget to visit this gallery- if you are lucky you will find something you love and that you can afford.
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Kate Brentwood - 2nd December 2015
MY first purchase from the gallery was fantastic from start to end. What I liked most is that John took the time to ask questions about myself whilst I was making the purchase, this is something seldom seen these days. It felt like he truly appreciated my purchase. I will certainly be purchasing again from John in the near future.

Russ - 14th December 2013
Sofie Schou
Our organisation had the joy of being able to have John Brandler donate a Banksy cover to our offices - where our course particpants from the Danish museums can now enjoy it. The contact with John Brandler was very pleasant and we are very grateful. Best regards Sofie Schou at the Museum Association in Denmark

Sofie Schou - 16th September 2013
lina Christodoulou
I would have never thought about investing in art untill I met John Brandler. When you go to his gallery he is always knowledgable about the art he sells and never puts you under any pressure to buy. With John's advice I have purchase a few pieces of art and not only have I enjoyed looking at them, I know I have also made a profit on my investment. I would recommend anyone wishing to either invest in or buy some art for a gift, to visit Brandler Galleries and they would be sure of some great advice.

lina Christodoulou - 31st July 2013
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Rajesh - 10th July 2013
John & Donna Constantinou
We love visiting John he really knows his art, only problem is we cant resist and keep on buying.Only just recently getting another Pure Evil. Well done John x

John & Donna Constantinou - 25th June 2013
Grant maton
Thank you John for the fantastic donation of a Banksy print, which we auctioned at our Charity Golf Day. Not only did it raise a great amount for Essex Wildlife Trust, but I have a very satisfied bidder who is coming back again this year. He said 'I also bagged a fantastic Banksy limited edition print in the auction which hangs with pride at my home office'

Grant maton - 18th March 2013
Sean McCallion
We were recently fortunate to be charity benefactors of a Brandler Art sale hosted in the city. The evening went really well and in addition to the fundraising, it was a really useful networking event for us too. Some people pledged to make additional donations, we made contact with a new rotary group who would like to support us, built up support from other staff at the host company and made another connection which might help raise the profile of our charity. It was also enjoyed by some of our existing supporters who attended and will help to strengthen those relationships too. We're looking forward to receiving the cheque for a percentage of the proceeds and thank John wholeheartedly for his generosity.

Sean McCallion - 18th March 2013
The contact with the Brandler Galleries was very nice ineed. My order was proceeded quickly and when I called to ask when it would arrive the owner took his time to check and gave me a date. The item then arrived exactly as predicted. Thanks again. I will definitely buy here again.

Richard - 1st February 2013
Michael Strelitz
Your marvellous support over the last three years has enabled my son to raise thousands of pounds for the school he has built in Malawi ( Your most recent donation, an attractive signed Gilbert and George poster featuring Tower Bridge fetched £500 at a charity auction last night.

Michael Strelitz - 28th January 2013
Shirley Pinder
John Brandler at Brandler Galleries is a passionate supporter of Breast Cancer Care and its aims to ensure that every person affected by breast cancer gets the very best treatment, information and support. Thank you for your continued support which helps to make a difference and has helped us raise a substantial amount of money Shirley Pinder, Executive Relationship Manager, BT

Shirley Pinder - 19th October 2012
I recently decided that I would top-up the savings I make for my two-year old daughter’s future with something a little more entertaining than trust funds. With this in mind, I started what will hopefully be a long tradition of offering her a piece of art at each of her birthdays. The idea is to introduce her to the world of art, while allowing her to decide later on what she loves and wants to keep, and what she would like to sell for the extra money that every young adult needs. My very first piece in this collection was one of Pure Evil’s affordable Jackie O’ prints in bright blue. John was great at showing me a few options, explaining the price differences and answering my questions around return on investment, insurance, and the like. He also picked and installed a simple frame that works really well with it. We now have the picture on our wall and can enjoy looking at it for the next eighteen years! Wonderful way to make planning for the future a little less boring, and John was a great partner in this process.

Karen - 12th October 2012
Lisa Yazdabadi
Dear John , On behalf of Breast Cancer Care I would like to thank you so much for your very generous donation of the Pure Evil Limited Edition screen print ...It was wonderful to have your envolvement in such an amazing occasion. I am delighted to inform you that your auction lot raised £2500.00 for the charity.

Lisa Yazdabadi - 10th October 2012
Paul Renney
I should like to thank John enourmously for his kind and generous donation of two limited edition prints, one Banksy and one Tracey Emin, for the auction recently at Byte Night, the IT industry's annual sleep out to help raise money for homeless children in the UK; the prints attracted a lot of interest and bidding was quite frantic; I also pass on thanks on behalf of Action For Children. You have helped us keep children off the streets with this donation. ( The Tracey Emin Time Out fetched £290.00 and the Banksy Self Portrait £1600.00 JB)

Paul Renney - 10th October 2012
Eddie Botsio
I was fortunate enough to cross paths with John Brandler while organising my first public exhibition. Not only did John lend his expertise to that task but also supplied valuable artworks to help raise funds for Raleigh International, the charity of which I'm a trustee. John's acute business sense was invaluable as he provided generous, wise and straightforward counsel. What I really like about John is his innate sense of mischief, which, when allied to the fact that he does what he says, makes him a joy to work with. Just don't ask him to attend meetings.

Eddie Botsio - 27th August 2012
I have used Brandler Galleries on numerous occasions and have recommended John to friends and colleagues. He continues to be a pleasure to deal with and more importantly an insight into the world of urban art for me. The fact that his gallery provides a variety of artwork at varying scales has meant he has provided gifts for weddings as well as artwork for clients.

Mr.A.Tarr - 13th August 2012
Paul Caton
John, Thank you so much for helping us with the launch of our new charity, Link UP UK. Your advice and support has been superb. The pieces you supplied us with for the event in parliament were very popular. I can't thank you or Linda enough for the support during the set up and throughout the event. In the end you helped us raise almost £6,000 on the evening. I have no hesitation in recommending you to either customers or future charity clients. All the best Paul Caton Development manager, Link Up (UK)

Paul Caton - 7th August 2012
lina christodoulou
Visiting Brandler galleries is always a very good experience. John has excellent knowledge of the work he sells and will always answer any questions you have. There is no pressure to buy and you can take your time looking around. There is plenty of choice of different kinds of art work to suit any taste and budget. I have been very happy with all my purchases and have recommend brandler galleries to all my family and friends.

lina christodoulou - 6th August 2012